In the spring, Roll The Bones - a New York-based theater company specializing in large-scale immersive shows - took a team of Sleep No More and Sundance alums to a five-hundred-year-old castle in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Over the course of three weeks, a feature film emerged - the story of eight actors living in close quarters, immersed in the world of Hamlet.  

In addition to the feature, the team also tackled a 360 Virtual Reality experience with production support from The National Theatre's 'Immersive Storytelling Studio' and two onsite immersive performances for the surrounding community. Out of this threefold creative endeavor comes an adaptation which lives at the intersection of, and blurs the lines between, theatre and cinema.

The film is scheduled for worldwide release in 2019.





“…beautiful colors and striking imagery, tragic and terrible, gritty and surreal…in company with the best that have come before. Mr. Zefirelli, you sir have at last some competition. This is a truly inspiring and elegant experience.” - That Moment In

"Why do theater when you can do film? Why do film when you can do theater? Why do one when you can do both? Why do both when you can do VR? Director Dan Hasse and director/actor Taylor Myers are an ambitious pair of artists based in New York City who grappled with these pressing questions at length before finally coming to a conclusion. The answer? Just do all three." - No Film School

"...capturing the raw energy of the play’s dramatic structure was key to perfecting the film. 'The lynchpin was this sense of energy, speed and truth to the whole experience. We wanted to make it feel like we were following every aspect of the characters, capturing the emotions and making it all feel real.'" - Teradek

"I feel both firmly inside and outside the play…when performed so well, there seems to be hardly another story that can better encapsulate our desire for greater knowledge of the mysteries of the human condition." - Craic Magazine

Listen to an additional podcast interview with Co-Director Taylor Myers at No Proscenium, your online guide to everything immersive. (Skip to 00:53:18 for discussion specific to this project)

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