Taylor Myers (Director/Hamlet) believes in making art that feels like a punch to the heart. His work is influenced by the metal and jazz of his early musical love, by the (as yet) 38 states and 15 countries in which he has touched down the two wheels of his motorcycle, and by the people on earth. There is no greater wealth of inspiration than the communication we undergo and no deeper call for progress than to seek harmony with this communication.


In the late 90's, Dan Hasse's (Director/Adaptor) father played a social experiment on the family, screening films for his children every night in chronological order starting with Méliès and Edison. Dan began directing Shakespeare while at NYU's Film School pursuing a concentration in screenwriting. As a writer, Dan has held residencies with Bedlam ("MadLAB") and The Actors Studio ("The Playwright/Directors Unit") and is the recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Award and Grant. As a theatre director, he has directed over half of Shakespeare's canon. This is his first feature film.


Cory Fraiman-Lott (Director of Photography) spent his youth cleaning his room and watching Michael Jackson music videos on VHS.  Shortly after his parents’ divorce, Cory decided to swear off love altogether and focus solely on cinematography. In the proceeding years, he has applied his eye for aesthetics to numerous award-winning works featured in such festivals as Sundance, Tribeca, and New York Television.  Under the supervision of a friendly WitchDoctor, Cory hopes to subject his body and mind to feature filmmaking for the rest of eternity.


Yuriy Pavlish (Producer/Laertes) was raised a short walk from the beach in sunny Coney Island, he'd probably still be there if he hadn't fallen in love with storytelling. Equal parts producer, performer, and director, he seeks out artistic integrity in the contracts and the prop letters, the insurance and the death defying sword fights. Executive Director of Shakespeare in the Square,


Benjamin Wygonik (Producer/Production Design) was born and raised in the home town of Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright where he learned at an early age to appreciate detail-driven art and a committed dedication to what you believe in.  His career has spanned from stage to screen as he moved from sound mixing at the Goodman Theater to traveling the world with music, and finally to Brooklyn to consummate his long time love with the movie industry.   He takes pride in his signature approach to fastidiously developing, enhancing, and engaging with artists and their work to increase the impact that it has on both their audience and themselves.


The team’s resident girl boss and rockstar, Katy Lueck (Producer/Art Director) is sure to serve vision and delight. She holds a degree from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with professional credits spanning across a wide range of platforms in the entertainment industry. If she’s not drinking tea and musing about ideas for her next crazy project, she’s probably banging on her guitar with Brooklyn-based ambient folk rock band LUECK.


Constantine Malahias (Producer/Rosencrantz/Guildenstern) is a clown regarded fondly by some as "a breath of fresh air". He enjoys coining dad jokes and boldly acting as if they were only his. He is consistently cast as twins and chooses to believe this is because people just can’t get enough of him. He often hangs out with his dear friend Will. Will C Yah!